Community Water Supply and Sanitation Project (CWSSP) in Mtwara is a project that is being carried out by TAEEs from 2010 having succeeded from TWESA and is funded by Waterfinns. The project was designed to run for one year divided into two phases. Phase (I), the project began on the survey done in the 8 villages, Mkonye, Mabatini, Mkwajuni, Ndumbwe, Nakada, Changarawe, Mihembe (Rudipe) and Dingwida it was noted that there was high demand for sustainable safe water, lack of hygiene & sanitation awareness, poor knowhow on the project ownership and management, operation and maintenance and lack of knowledge on the importance of contribution towards water supply services. It was therefore very important to start off by creating community awareness on issues pertaining to hygiene and sanitation and training the WATSAN committee members.

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