TAEEs has been engaging in supporting community activities since its establishment. It is well known and clear that alongside constructing physical water and sanitation structures we must provide education on how to protect them. Environmental management, hygiene and sanitation are our main concerns. Villagers we are working with are equipped with appropriate knowledge on how to be able to manage their health, environment, water resources and infrastructures. Read first WASH Newsletter.

Nevertheless, on ensuring that WASH profile is uplifted, TAEEs in collaboration LGAs (Karagwe and Kyerwa) have invested resources (time, manpower and finance) in ensuring that people including institutions (schools)have improved their sanitation facilities and there are good hopes if more efforts will be vested. Read more WASH Newsletter, February 2015

September News, Vol. 1 issue 4

On ensuring that we keep apace to improve community livelihood particularly in the rural pro-poor, we have interesting news to read on the September news SILC news, September 2015

October News, Vol. 1 issue 5

More efforts are being vested by Olam Tanzania with TAEEs being implementing institution in both Karagwe and Kyerwa districts, Kagera region. The good results and signs to improve community livelihood are now evident and indeed encouraging. The move from Tsh. 2.3 million to Tsh.44 million from June to September 2015 is really amazing and wonderful indeed. SILC is more than a tool but a poverty reducing model that need to be scaled out to a wider Tanzania community. Read more stories on the October newsletter  SILC news, October 2015


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