Climate change project, Longido

Training the Maasai community on climate change science
Climate change training in Engikaret

The climate change project has been of importance to the Maasai community in Longido district. the Project was supported by GEF through UNDP and implemented by TAEEs in 3 villages of Engikaret, Kiserian and Ngereyani where about 5345 people benefited from the project.

Project activities included planting of climate resistant tree species to schools (secondary and primary) for easy management and watering and at district headquarter. The project also facilitated community on poultry rearing where about 100 chickens were provided to formed and registered community groups and assisted them to open bank accounts for safe keeping money generated from the project they run.

The project also facilitated through training fabrication of energy cooking stoves to 3 formed groups of 24-26 members in each village and they continue to train others while also building their financial capacity at their own.

Planted climate resistant trees in SUMA secondary school
Climate change initiatives at SUMA Secondary

Planted trees at SUMA secondary school in Longido has brought a bright hope on climate change adaptation to school management. The project has been funded by GEF through UNDP

The beekeeping project component was a major triumph to the Maasai community who initially used to eat cow products only but trough training, they have now realized the importance of having an alternative livelihood support including beekeeping of which they expect to harvest their first batch by end of October 2019

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