Climate change indicators

Recently, we have experienced shallow, heavy and long lasting rains that are taking place in most of the country but Dar es Salaam has almost taken a lead.

Impacts of climate change

Despite these rains bringing disaster including death almost every year, they have kept changing it’s patterns and intensity each year.
We might be looking this happening and wondering why is happening, but indeed, these are sole indicators of climate change the world is talking about.
From individual to country level, we need to realize this and take action.
Preserving our environment must be a core business every individual has to take including keeping our streams and rivers safe and free from dirty in particular solid wastes. It has come a custom to see heaps of solid wastes floating into these rivers and as a result, they block river cross and opening paths and the impact is over flooding and overflow if these rivers. Water hence flows into our homes, they destroy people’s Properties including lives.

Due to blocked roads, buses can’t town commuters can’t operate easily

It’s time now we take sole action to clean our environment at individual level and the government will do the needful at its discretion.
Charity begins at home and it’s starts with individual and this is where things will change. Everyone has take his role on this.
Let’s continue to plant trees where needed and keep our environment clean.

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